Sunday, January 16, 2011

Google Android Getting iPhone-Style Music Sync Service According To Rumors? [Android Gingerbread Music Player In the future With Music Sync?]

Certain, everyone is already speaking about sandwiches,ice cream and whatnot,but let’s remember there’s other confectionery in line and they also will come using a treat of their own. We’re talking Gingerbread and it is new music player and also the rumor available that it'll be seeing a music sync functionality injection.

Questions about this includes the ever-popular Google Music rumor, in addition to simply a classic fashion way to drop music into your device. I don’t know, is that this something many Google Android users are already requesting as well as missing? As somebody who never really had iTunes as a music management service , I don't see exactly what the hubbub is concerning and Android users also have the superb DoubleTweist to fall back one, but I suppose I can’t blame Google when they need to implement a native solution also. It’ll look swell in those Android vs iOS articles.

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