Saturday, January 15, 2011

NFC apps begin to appear for Android devices on Gingerbread

Soon after the announcement of Android 2.3 supporting NFC about the Nexus S, we begin seeing NFC enabled apps appearing from the Android Market. Taglet is one of them, a Japanese language app, that reads NFC tags and will share that same information. This application gets around Gingerbread’s read-only limitation, and lets the consumer associate data in an online database. Should the tag is read, it accesses the data stored online and sends it back for the user.

The second is called EnableTable, an The english language  app on the United states, which lets restaurants distribute discount vouchers and coupons to its customers and clients once they pay their bill, thus encouraging repeat business.

NFC Development kits start to be available at the same time, encouraging developing on NFC apps, that will certainly start to become more mainstream better Android devices start updating to Gingerbread or more. Merchant360 subsidiary Mobifyer provides a development kit for NFC now.

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