Friday, January 21, 2011

Nexus S heading to India within Three months

Even though numerous lucky UK and U.S.  residents are experiencing and enjoying the Google Nexus S smart phone, other world anticipates its release from the coming months. From what I have realized, Google Nexus S would mostly be introduced in India towards the end with the first quarter. So don't be surprised it's arrival in or after Feb ..

Samsung Galaxy S have been an amazing success inside the Indian continent. But recently, the Samsung authorized re-sellers and shops are not having enough its stock. Google made the Nexus S plus the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update official in U.S. on December 7. That it was the very first phone to get unveiled with Gingerbread.

As of this moment, Best Buy in U.S. is selling the unlocked Google Nexus S for $530. 2 Indian online retails Infibeam and Flipkart have listed the Nexus S under Not far off. The Infibeam listing suggests that the cost of Nexus S in India could be Rs. 24,000 excluding taxes et al.

Now, although several Samsung smartphone retailers are out of Samsung galaxy s stock, the Nexus S will not be presented immediately. Nexus S is a vital device for both Google and Samsung. Hence, I anticipate a proper launch in India prior to it being out of stock in retail.

After that, India also anticipates the launch of GSM/CDMA version on the apple iphone 4 that was buzzed to reach this past year from Airtel and Vodafone mobile operators.  

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