Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Samsung Corporation intends to unveil its next generation Galaxy Tab tablets in Feb 2011

Samsung Smartphones is run on a Dual core processors along with the Gingerbread os sporting with Super AMOLED Plus displays; and  4G-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Based on the sources,Samsung new tablets are going to be “based on fourth generation technology” while, it's unclear if he's mentioning 4G connectivity. However, Samsung announced a 4G LTE version on the original Galaxy Tab for Verizon last week.

Inside the mobile phone market, Samsung has rapidly overtaken earlier entrants like HTC and Motorola using the swing of smartphones released for Android specially the well accepted Galaxy lineup. Also it offers to stay ahead using the introduction of a amount of devices that may make use of 4G and LTE networks.

Via Shin Jong-kyun, who runs the electronic company’s mobile said at a press conference that “These phones are going to cut a new figure in the smartphone market.” Adding to this he even says “We plan to distribute our LTE phones to all four major telecommunication companies in the U.S., starting with Verizon, to have the upper hand in fourth-generation smartphones.” And targeting to trade some 60 million smartphones this year, greater than twice the number it sold recently.

Even though its late entry in the market, Samsung during the last year set a record for smart phone sales having its Samsung galaxy s, which had become the highest selling phone running on Google’s Android os with global sales of Ten million.

However, AT&T recently announced which the accessibility to the Samsung Infuse 4G by second quarter of 2011. This means that Samsung is completely paying attention on growing its 4G customer base now.

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