Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Acer has exposed that Android Gingerbread will get tabbed browsing. What else is coming to near you soon?

The Android Gingerbread will be released on the coming weeks, featuring a number of upgrades, including support for dual-core CPUs, NFC chips and high-res+ screens. At the surface, Android Gingerbread is expected to present quite a few upgrades too. For illustration, Acer today exposed that Android Gingerbread will get an superior Android Browser featuring for instance tabbed browsing.

Do we smell a revamped Android Browser that'll give Fennec some competition? Only time will tell everything.

In addition, a while back, the Galaxy S2 for a French provider was revealed to be running Android Gingerbread with a revamped user interface. In the past, rumors have suggested that Google has been running on UI improvements as far as customization is concerned. A key subject with customizations today, is the detail that it is not easy for some OHA members to roll out Android OS upgrades in a timely fashion. Has Google decided to help them all out by making a new Android user interface that is also easier to modify??

All in all, it looks like Google and the Open Handset Alliance are seeking to speed up not only the end-user experience but also the pipeline from stock release to end-user release in 2011. With so many new service and/or manufacturer services showing now (especially that'll play a vital role in conjunction with upcoming phones such as the Motorola Olympus,Galaxy S2 Droid Incredible HD and SE phones), we can only wish that the genuine services will match the new integration chances. It will also be exciting to see how all these new services and content offerings will change the smartphone market in general.

That's pretty much a given that fairly significant changes are on the horizon as far as smartphone tradition and competition is troubled, even within the OHA circle. And we're not entirely convinced that Android OS will be receiving as much buzz in 2012 as it has received in 2010. We estimate 2011 will become a essential year for Android, the year when it will need to show itself as a multi-purpose system for real. After all, the general opinion is that experiences sell products, not the matter that drives them.

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