Monday, November 22, 2010

Updates !! Windows Phone 7 and Android (Gingerbread preparation) Marketplace

Android’s upcoming update with codename “gingerbread” still unavailable, but report says Android marketplace will get few tweaks before the launch. Plus, Windows Phone 7 catching up with new apps.
Google mobile OS, the Android 2.3 with codename “Gingerbread,” is just around the corner. And before its launch, reports say few changes on Android’s marketplace interface for  developers were seen.

This only means one thing, more “cool” apps for Gingerbread are possible.
There were improvements last week called ”Recent changes” for applications. In this new section, users can now see the details of every changes made with the app. For example, if the developer creates one new feature like “share,” the update log made will be visible to the user who wants to download it.

In the Android developers interface, a 325 characters of space is now available, where app creators can mention bug fixes, support for additional languages, new options, and more.
Users can also feel the application “more” with the developer requirement of 1024×500-pixel graphic, plus a YouTube video link. With a bigger resolution, users can see a bigger screenshot of the app, plus developers can now add videos to give users more insights like how-to and preview. Perfect for game apps.

These updates are expected to give the Android applications more purchases, more profits and more fun (for the buyers).

Meanwhile, fresh new competition Windows Phone 7 is trying its best to compete on the marketplace game. According to PC World, Bing’s Visual Search has integrated the Windows Phone 7 apps marketplace.

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