Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is Gingerbread the Code Name of Android 2.3?

If you're already knew that a lot of rumors saying that Gingerbread is a code name from Android 3.0. But now the rumors that have been changed, the current rumor says that Gingerbread is the code name of the Android 2.3. This information is supported by several pictures featuring the Gingerbread men with a message “Our cafes are baking something sweet”. 

There is also possibility that at Web 2.0 Summit this week Gingerbread will be announced.

Some of the advantages - Android 2.3:

  • Improve the copy and paste feature
  • Support - The video chat
  • Music store on Android Market
  • Supporting - Google TV
  • Support - WebM VDO playback
According to estimates, Nexus One is a handset that uses Android 2.3 will be the first time. So let’s wait for further news.

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