Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Nexus S Screenshots Reveal Android Gingerbread

That is unofficially - Screenshots reveal that Gingerbread will bring a facelift to Android smartphones.

Will Android Gingerbread obtain a facelift in general? XDA-Developers has posted screenshots revealing that being right, and we guess more interface and feature upgrades are going to be revealed soon. The site also says that the Nexus S will get 512 or 328MB RAM, 1GB or 2GB NAND Flash, 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED touchscreen, 720p HD video recording and ARMV7 CPU that could perhaps be dual-core. processor.The screen could also probably be Super AMOLED2.

Certainly,Google's CEO recently additionally exposed that the Nexus S will sport a new NFC chip, and Acer recently revealed to Android Gingerbread will get tabbed browsing.

Not much else is known about Android Gingerbread, but agreed it appears like the Android Browser will get significant improvements, perhaps fairly a Fennec competitor, we can only hope that Android Gingerbread will also provide a better camera experience, that  hopefully also takes front-facing cameras and integration of video chat solutions into account.

Particularly the latter currently needs lots of extra effort on the OHA members' part, and we believe Android would advantage from making it simpler to integrate video chat solutions as well as offering a new advanced camera-gallery experience without having to rely on excessive customization.

Condition Android Gingerbread enables that, it will make these features a whole lot easier to sell to end-users, something that is clearly needed in the future "4G battle". Only time will tell what Android Gingerbread will present in that regard, but we guess there is a lot of new stuff of some kind on its way.

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