Saturday, November 20, 2010

Angry Birds laments the fragmentation of the Android phones

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games on next-generation smartphones. We define it as the Farmville mobile phones. This is an application fee, so has every interest to have as many devices as possible for their business. In addition to supporting IOS and Symbian, Android Angry Birds is available on 2.0 +.

The problem of Rovio Mobile, the company that maintains and distributes Angry Birds is just that. Despite the statements of Google, the cd. Android fragmentation is still a reality with the term refers to update your system on the various devices that support it. Angry Birds does not run on Android 1.6 and lower, though still widespread.

Apart from the Rovio complaints, which have a commercial motivation, the situation complained of by the developers of Angry Birds affects all users of Android. It is true that IOS has a development cycle related only to iPhone and iPad. However, because of the imminence of this Gingerbread raises further doubts about the future state of fragmentation.

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