Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Google android 2.3 'Gingerbread' update for Nexus One soon

The first generation Google smartphone to get the latest Operating system

Google stated that an update to the firm's first smartphone from the Nexus range would provide Android 2.3 'Gingerbread'.
In the twitter update, GoogleNexus said that "The Gingerbread OTA for Google android nexus one can happen in the coming weeks. Just hang tight!."

The firm's new Nexus S phone includes Android 2.3 as standard however the first generation HTC-made Nexus One is really a popular reference device for Google android developers, preparing the impetus to roll out of the latest Operating system update.

With Android 2.3, Google focused entirely on performance and tools for game development saying that while using update the firm was "taking gaming to the next level."

Yet another performance boost develops from a technical feature Google call concurrent garbage collection to the Dalvik virtual machine. This new process was designed to minimise pauses in apps, aid smooth animation and facilitate smooth UI effect.

Google have significantly beefed in the development framework for writing native apps, that is to say code compiled directly for that ARM CPU rather then Java.

Native development is one area for Android platform improvement which the platform has been in sore necessity of in order to contend with the iPhone in games efficiency.

Google android 2.3 also contains the near field communication technologies, adds assist for SIP protocol VOIP phones and also the AAC audio and WebM video formats.

Unlocked retail Google nexus one handsets will be likely to see the update first, although usual sorts of delays will affect network-branded versions in the phone.

Google's Nexus hansets can be unlocked by user whenever they get tired with waiting for Android 2.3, they are able to always have the stock Google one and flash it for the phone.

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