Friday, December 31, 2010

Google android Honeycomb is version 2.4 - kind of confirmed now

While using rumors that Honeycomb will likely be Android 2.4 in lieu of 3.0, there’s much more evidence to ensure this now. Although this could be, and it has been faked, it’s starting to look a full new shade of real.

Using their Honeycomb tablet anticipated to debut at CES 2011, we are thinking if Motorola will try to be showing the hardware or not. The newest OS version is anticipated to be announced the next month, so it’s possible Motorola could show off the AndroidAndroid Honeycomb OS . Nonetheless, 2.4 has been pinging sites for a while now, but we've no clue if these visits are from the real deal, or anyone who has edited the file on the device to say otherwise.

2.4 started hitting up some sites’ server logs, but in addition to those pings were Android 3.0 visits too. Faked? We’re not too sure, however the evidence that Honeycomb will probably be 2.4 appears to get stronger by the day. What we’re wondering is if Honeycomb is definitely Android 2.4 with it’s all-new UI, what would deserve the Android 3.0 name? Is Google already working on Ice Cream to floor us after the discharge of Honeycomb? Who the hell knows?

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more than simply the hardware of Motorola’s tablet during CES. Since Gingerbread isn’t as impressive as it was considered to be, although it’s still a pleasant update, people might be clamoring for something a bit better, which will be Honeycomb. We’re already beginning to see pieces of Honeycomb needs to trickle down the pipeline, so to speak, and hopefully this means we’ll see the official announcement at CES.

As is possible as it should be to fake these visits, we imagine that a good chunk of them are the real deal. Whether the device getting used is the Motorola Xoom , or a very different device we’ve not witnessed before, Honeycomb is closer than previously. Google can provide it whatever version number it wants, we simply need it on our devices pronto.

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