Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Htc desire mobile phone HD Android os 2.2.1 Update Outs On The Air(OTA)

HTC has begun rolling out an on-the-air application update to the international flagship Android device at the moment, the Desire HD. Unfortunately, this update won't run Android 2.3 Desire HD Gingerbread, the recently released new version on the mobile os. Even so, it will require the HD Need for Android 2.2 Android came with 2.2.1.

The update isn't that bad though. From what we’ve heard it brings several tweaks and a bug fix for the latest Froyo that can run HD. The show is supposedly enhanced by the few notches. It is an Over The Air Update weighs 40MB. It'll update the will HD software version 1.72.405.3 and the Android version to 2.2.1, the newest available Froyo. Aside from fixing several bugs, reported HD is a desire to attempt a bit faster overall as soon as the update.

The update isn't too large at 40 Megabytes and also the software in the handset is set to 1.72.405.3 with Froyo running 2.2.1. The Desire HD appears to run a little faster after the update. Actually, the camera looks to have most of this update and the HD recording looks improved.

For now there isn't a word from HTC to discover when the update would actually come to Gingerbread. Going through the custom stuff they've, such as Sense and other UI goodies, it might take a while for everything related to the newest Android OS.

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