Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Google android 3.0 won’t need any physical buttons

Just few days following the Gingerbread release, folks have started talking about Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Information are popping all over the Interweb, usually mentioning tablet pc's, especially Motorola Stingray.

We've got another news item to increase the pile. Via what we’ve heard, Honeycomb won’t need any physical buttons. Forget about home, back, menu and whatnot - all selections will likely be available directly on the screen, following a device’s orientation.

The principle idea is users feel “natural” when you use their devices (tablets) in every positions. Moreover, the addition of small , and always accessible main buttons (that’s links actually) should bring the desktop-like appear and feel. Unsure that’s the idea, but what can I know. I enjoy physical buttons, but since Also i dig huge screens - I understand something’s gotta give.

Certainly, Honeycomb can still perform along physical (and capacitive) buttons, leaving this to handset and tablet makers to choose whether to use them or otherwise.

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