Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sony PlayStation Phone apt to be out by Apr

Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone will probably hit the North American and European shop shelves by April 2011 reports According Japanese site Asahi Shimbun.

The possible name on the device either can be called Zeus Z1 or Xperia Play. The questions on which games will the users be capable to download or how many models would support the platform weren't clarified yet, though coming weeks will likely bring more clarity on these.

Technology blogs have already been talking about the probable arrival of PlayStation phone since long, but recent surveys suggest that the corporation may be closer to launching it.
The buzz of Android like a platform is increasing gradually and also the PlayStation phone addition may show to be a big boost for it.

Sony Ericsson appears to be strongly betting on the future with Android being a some of it, and it's actively making a gaming platform, ecosystem and device utilizing it . The device will come using a bigger touch pad and also standard PSP buttons.

It is likely to have a very large display, having a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. To the software front, it's likely to run Android Gingerbread, that is customised for PlayStation. Chances are that other Android phones may also find some games if their specs match the necessity.

It is a win-win partnership for both Sony Ericsson and Google, since Sony extends to launch the PlayStation phone whereas Google's Android platform gets a lot needed rise in the mobile entertainment section.

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