Thursday, December 23, 2010

Google android 3.0: Being released in March?

The newest Android Honeycomb release rumor arises from Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes. In the center of a story about upcoming tablet PCs, Digitimes nonchalantly mentions a launch date for Android 3.0, which lots of people believe will probably be Honeycomb's official version number. (That belief may or may not be correct, incidentally; some folks think Honeycomb will end up being Android 2.4. Google so far has not given any official indication one way and the other.)

Digitimes' specific statement: "MSI is ... willing to sell an Nvidia Tegra 2-based model in April or May after Google releases Android 3.0 in March."

So does Digitimes have some understanding we do not? Perhaps  but I would not place any wagers about it. The publication includes a history of publishing tech-oriented rumors. Sometimes it's directly on the money, but often, its predictions show to be wrong.

Nevertheless, Google has confirmed that Honeycomb's being released in 2011, and an arrival sometime inside the first quarter appears like a reasonably safe bet. Marketing's already underway on an upcoming Motorola Android tablet, and also the promotional materials make it very clear that Honeycomb will likely be part of the equation. Motorola says the tablet might be unveiled on the Consumer Electronics Show in January; there is no telling, however, when it will actually carry on sale.

Don't forget, too: We have seen a prototype of the Motorola tablet launched and established. Google Android chief Andy Rubin demoed these devices throughout a mobile conference in San Francisco earlier this month. The tablet had virtual on-screen buttons instead of the hardware controls typically seen on Android phones. It had been also capable of running multiple side-by-side application panes to take advantage of the bigger screen space. One could imagine that this product Moto's introducing in January will be really similar.

The great news: January is not far away. Chances are, we'll involve some firm answers about Motorola's tablet and so also Google's plans for Android - soon

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