Friday, December 17, 2010

Nexus S Android 2.3 Smartphone Gets Destroy, We Aren’t Shocked

Due to Google’s official backing the Nexus S have been regarded by many since the Google android phone. Certainly, once the new year swings around and we start to get Tegra 2 powered devices, consumers will almost certainly be whistling another tune. However, for now the Nexus S is probably the most highly sought-after Android powered devices using a stock Gingerbread installation as well.

That really the device was already rooted literally hours after standing on the market, it’s time to see the innards. Thanks to our friends at iFixit, the inner workings from the Nexus S are already exposed and laid across the table for all those to understand. Obviously, there isn’t really much we don’t know thinking about the official spec list to the Nexus S has been out for a while. However, the one thing that's been confirmed at this tear down is the fact the screen is in fact curved. No optical illusions here.  

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